Your benefit period begins on January 1, 2023. Please contact Health Food Solutions at 401-768-0200 with any questions on Meal or Grocery Delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discharge Meal Benefit

How do I know if I’m eligible?

If you had an inpatient hospital or skilled nursing facility stay within the past 30 days, you are eligible (up to four (4) times per benefit year). To schedule your meal delivery, contact Millonzi at (401) 768-0200.

Does the meal benefit cover/include meals for certain dietary restrictions?

Yes, we provide dietary accommodations, including the following: Diabetes, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Congestive heart failure, Coronary artery disease, Renal disease, Celiac disease, Fish allergies. If you have an allergy/need not listed, please contact us for additional details.

How long will it take for me to receive my meals?

All requests received by 2:00pm will be delivered no later than the following business day.

What types of stays are covered by the meal benefit?

Any inpatient hospital or skilled nursing facility (SNF) stay qualifies.

Is there a minimum hospital stay to qualify for the benefit?

There is no minimum number of days required.

Who can notify Millonzi prior to the discharge or will the hospital discharge coordinator notify Millonzi?

A hospital discharge planner can facilitate the process or members/authorized caretakers can call (401) 768-0200 to receive assistance in the meals program.

The evidence of coverage (EOC) states “Benefit Year,” what does that mean?

Benefit year refers to January 1st through December 31st of each calendar year.

Grocery Benefit

How do I know if I’m eligible?

If you currently receive Extra Help and are enrolled in BlueRI for Duals or BlueCHiP for Medicare Value ACCESS then you are eligible for the grocery benefit. For additional information, contact Millonzi at (401) 768-0200.

Is there a minimum amount to spend to have groceries delivered?

Yes. You must order at least one bag (see options here) to have your groceries delivered at no charge. Once you have at least one bag per month delivered, you may be able to receive a second delivery using your Blue Cross grocery benefit or your SNAP benefit.

Can I have groceries delivered using my SNAP benefit?

If you are actively having groceries delivered using your Blue Cross grocery benefit, you are most likely able to receive additional grocery deliveries using your SNAP benefit. Please contact us for additional information, (401) 768-0200.

I do not have a SNAP benefit or my SNAP benefits have expired. Can you help me apply for SNAP?

Yes. BCBSRI will help you apply or reapply for your SNAP benefits. Please contact BCBSRI at 1-800-267-0439.